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Standard In-Ground Septic Systems

A conventional, or standard onsite septic system is the simplest, least expensive, esthetically unobtrusive, and due to marginal soil conditions in the Bucks/Montgomery region, the rarest of all the various septic system types. A Standard septic system consists of a primary treatment septic tank with baffles on the inlet to reduce inflow created turbulence, and on the outlet to prevent scum and suspended solids from contaminating the drain field. In between the inlet and outlet are one, two, or in some cases three compartments where untreated sewage begins the biological breakdown process. When sewage exits the primary treatment septic tank it is reduced to effluent. Following the septic tank will typically be either a distribution box which evenly distributes the effluent to a series of subsurface trenches, Or a sub surface gravel bed in which a series of lateral perforated pipes evenly distribute the effluent throughout the entire drain field, connected at each end by a manifold. The size of the absorption area is pre determined during the permitting process by a formula which calculates the actual perk rate of the soil with a multiple based on the number of bedrooms the Home contains. If properly sized and perked a standard septic system is the best possible onsite technology.

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