Other Services

Grinder Pump Packages: Grinder pumps are often used where gravity is not an option because the sewer at the house is at a lower elevation than the municipal sewer line. Read more >

Sewer Lateral Connections: A sewer lateral connection is simply a connection to the municipal sewer that uses gravity to transport the waste. Read more >

Storm Water ManagementAs often required by various municipalities to minimize runoff, reduce erosion, and help preserve the groundwater supply, Damiani Septic & Site offers storm water management options. Read more >

Excavating & Trenching: We offer general excavation services such as foundation excavation, test pits, driveway excavation, and utility line trenching wherever the need may arise. Read more >

Demolition & Land Clearing: Should the need arise for demolition services, our crew can help tear down and remove unwanted buildings such as homes, barns, sheds, and even old swimming pools. Read more >

Stone Hauling: There are a couple of options for having crushed stone delivered to your home or jobsite. You can call the local quarry and have them send out a truck with the size and stone gradient of your choice, or you can call us. Read more >

Topsoil Grading: Proper distribution of topsoil, and establishing a well drained contour around a building, driveway, playground , swale or septic system are some of the most important factors that enhance land improvement. Read more >