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Drip Micromounds

The newest edition of onsite septic technology is the Drip Micro mound. This system is a next generation sand mound which uses a micro processor for a brain, and bio line tubing with drip emitters on 24 inch centers, divided into two alternating, filtered zones to deliver the effluent in a extremely controlled, timed, gradual, and consistent manner, 24 hours a day seven days a week. The micro processor receives information on effluent levels within the dose tank via four float sensors which monitor 1. Off level, 2. Pump enable level, 3. Peak enable level, 4. High level alarm. Typically, as long as there is a sufficient amount of water in the dose tank the field will dose for 9 to 12 minutes once every three hours at a rate of 2 to 7 gallons per minute. The system will periodically self clean by means of a forward flush, and a filter backwash which self cleans the zone disc filters between dosing cycles. The primary benefits of this technology are that this type of system is permitted on sites with 10 inches to redox rather than 20 inches for a sand mound, and the total height of the system from original grade is typically 22 inches, which makes them more esthetically pleasing. We are putting far more of this type system in for some time now with a very good success rate.

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