Coco Filter / At Grade

A great alternative to the elevated sand mound is a system called a Coco Filter with an At-Grade drain field. These septic systems are very similar to the elevated sand mound with regard to pre permit testing, sizing, and pre treatment. The claim to fame for this type of system is that the Coco Husks are a renewable raw material that are more effective and require half the space of a traditional tank. Also due to the fact that utilizing this technology for secondary treatment places all of the filter media in an self contained sub surface tank with a free access lid, the filter media is replaceable, and no DEP sand is necessary which is why the gravel drain field is placed at grade resulting in a very low profile installation. Another nice value is the warranty and service contract. The effective usable life of the Coco is 10-15 years depending on designed flow rates. The warranty period on the filter media is designed to match the lifespan of the Coco. When the time comes to replace the Coco, the homeowner contracts with a factory authorized service provider to change out the Coco media for a pre determined price (currently$ 1200-$1500) And the new Coco comes with a new warranty period. This is an excellent system type, and can be quite cost effective if the site would otherwise require a large sand mound or has slope or access limitations.

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